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Increase the Value of Your Home with Jade

All the experts agree that if you are considering a home improvement project, it's important to distinguish between increasing your home's value and improving its ambiance and general livability.

House ExtensionIf your objective is to improve the short-term value - say, to maximize the selling price of our home - small updating or decorating projects of your home will probably add relatively more to your bottom line than a large extension. 

Home improvement projects that increase the "livability" will result in you enjoying your home more, but most likely they will not increase its value when you consider the costs involved.

If you think a Jacuzzi bath or Wet room will add value to your home, you may be disappointed.  It will bring enjoyment to your family but it may not increase the value of your home at all.  Any estate agent will tell you that they have had a least one house sale in their career where the buyers wanted a Jacuzzi bath or Wet room removed as a condition of the sale and prior to completion of contracts!

We see one Swallow in summer and the sun shines for a day and we say How about a swimming pool? In some parts Australia or the USA, it could be as essential as a kitchen!  In Surrey or South West London the chances of having a pool increase the value of a home is very doubtful.  It’s all about location!

New KitchenWe have completed loft conversions and extensions that improve the living space and overall size of the property and therefore naturally increase the property value and the livability at the same time. Installing new windows will make the house look nicer but generally don’t increase the value.

A quality kitchen sells a property like nothing else and is a great asset while you live in the house and a utility room, en-suite bathroom or walk-in wardrobe will add function and style to any home. Whatever you choose for your next project the important factor is to find a competent contractor with a heritage of experience in Surrey and South West London who can create your dream home and increase its value at the same time.

Finding a Quality Contractor

A Quality Contractors is best hired by "word of mouth."  In most areas, someone will be doing some remodeling or updating to their home so your "best bet" is to check with your neighbours when you need the services of a company with a solid track record.

We can offer local references throughout Surrey and South West London from householders who have satisfied themselves by using our services for their individual home improvement project.

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